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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

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1 - FLOOR CARE - Knowing what flooring materials you will be working on is a must for adequate services given the flooring type (Laminate, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic, etc.

2 - GENERAL CONTRACTORS - One your best choices is to stay in working relation to general contractors whom are certified, insured and perform quality workmanship.

3 - TIMING - Always complete work in a timely matter with enough staff / technician(s).

4 - DOCUMENTATION - Punch - list are mandatory to describe the necessary scope of work.  Checklist improve satisfactory completion of all client requested task and duties.

5 - LEADERSHIP -  Understanding that construction cleanup requires both physical and mental agility, your managers should be team-players and motivators.

6 - PPE - Be sure that your crew is familiar with all personal protective equipment and risk factor to minimize on site injuries and equipment failure.

7 - OTHER SAFETY FACTORS - Instruct your cleaning staff on the contents of your first-aid kit and proper use of the supplies in it.

8 - TRAINING - ISSA's Cleaning Management Institute is excellent for these needs.  Always train your staff on daily and routine safety and procedures.

9 - INSURANCE - Before submitting bids, speak with your insurance carrier.

10 - CREATE SOLUTIONS - You should have an area that ready before others and can be closed off, tape off doorways and mark it as cleaned to signify completion.

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