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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Revolutionary Disinfection by T&T Services LLC

The cleaning industry is in the midst of a revolution.  The emergence of electrostatic spraying technology gives way to better efficiencies and new responsibilities.  Widely used in the manufacturing, service and agricultural sectors for more than 50 years, industrial grade electrostatic spraying systems have proven to be one of the fastest and most economical methods for applying chemicals and surface coatings.

The evolution of Equipment has transformed traditional spray equipment had problems with transfer efficiency (the measure of how much chemical reaches the surface versus the percentage lost to the floor and surrounding environment.)

This technology disrupts industry traditions such as; cleaning and infection prevention sector is another industry ripe for disruption and improvement. Electrostatic equipment and procedures process safer chemical application and increases the amount of chemical to the applicable surface to be cleaned/ sanitized.

These simple techniques encourage efficiency, as such high - level compliance leads to good quality results, healthier populations, and safer and cleaner facilities.

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