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THE 6 BEST DIY TIPS TO Prep Your Home For Sale

  1. PRETEND TO BE A BUYER AND PULL UP TO YOUR HOUSE Buyers are naturally drawn to unique front doors, so consider painting yours a complementary color like teal red or yellow.

  2. POWERWASH THE EXTERIOR If your home is red or brown, you may want to consider repainting it. The most popular home exterior colors are white & yellow.

  3. PAINT ONLY WHATS NEEDED INSIDE Its important that your wall colors be neutral so buyers can see your home as a clean slate. And yes, this includes kids rooms.

  4. WASH YOUR WINDOWS You'll save money and see less streaking when you use newspaper.

  5. QUICK KITCHEN UPDATES The cheapest way to create a modern look in and out dated kitchen is to replace your countertops with laminate.  A variety of fresh laminae countertop options are available at a fraction of the cost of marble and granite.

  6. THE GARAGE IS NOT A DUMPING ZONE The last thing you want potential buyers to think is that you dont have enough storage in your home.  Buyers may need a certain number of garage spaces for vehicles, boats, etc.

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