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BACTERIA & FUNGI NEWS!!! Three (3) Areas of Contamination TRASH #'S

1. Gym & Workout equipment; Cleaners working in building with fitness facilities will want to focus on disinfecting workout equipment after a study published in BMC Infectious Disease found more Staphylococcus aureus bacteria on weight balls, treadmill handles, and other equipment surfaces than on the facilities restroom surfaces.

2. Air Vents; Pest control can be a matter of life and death, especially in hospitals and other facilities housing residents with weak immune systems. Health authorities in Scotland launched an investigation after patient illnesses at Queen Elizabeth Hospital were linked to pigeon droppings found in a machinery room.

3. Water & Pipes; Bacteria and drinking water are generally a bad combination. Ironically, engineers at Washington University are using bacteria to build a filtering membrane to purify drinking water while preventing bio fouling, the buildup of bacteria and other harmful organisms. The E. coli died after three minutes of light exposure.

Numbers don't lie: During last years cleanup alone, Washington D.C. area volunteers have picked up - 2.4 Million cigarette butts, 1.7 million food wrappers, 1.6 million plastic beverage bottles, 1 million plastic bottle caps, 758,000 grocery bags and 644,000 plastic straws :(

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